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AMY WINEHOUSE ALREADY OUT OF REHAB?! (Evy ,2011).-- Like she's told us all before—"No, no no"—and she means Sumber : Marianne Garvey Like she's told us all before—"No, no no"—and she means it.

Amy Winehouse has checked herself out of the Priory Clinic, where the 27-year-old singer was getting treatment for her ongoing battle with alcohol addiction.

Trouble is, she just checked in under a week ago. Did she bail early?

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Her rep insists not.

In a statement today, publicist Chris Goodman says Winehouse "has finished her assessment" at the clinic but will continue her treatment on an outpatient basis as she prepares for her summer tour of Europe.

Winehouse "is raring to go," Goodman says.

"She would like to send a huge thanks to her fans for the messages of support she has received over the last week and can't wait to see them."

The "Back to Black" singer is due in Serbia on June 18, and in Istanbul two days later.

It's not the first time the British chanteuse has seen the inside of a rehab clinic—she first logged time in treatment in 2008, after Scotland Yard launched an investigation into footage of her smoking a suspicious-looking pipe.

This latest stint at the Priory was apparently to get Winehouse healthy so she could actually perform on this tour.

"She will remain at the Priory on doctors' advice," Goodman told us when she checked in last week. Guess the doctors think she's doing OK?

In any case, we wish her well the best.

Read more: http://www.eonline.com/uberblog/b245104_amy_winehouse_already_out_of_rehab.html#ixzz1O8rhg1Jb

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